Five Steps to Prepare for ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Five Steps to Prepare for ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Five Steps to Prepare for ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Have you recently suffered from a sports-related injury that resulting in a torn ligament in your knee?  Have you been rehabilitating your knee without feeling relief from the pain?  When you have a torn ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, in your knee, you may want to consider ACL reconstruction surgery with a top orthopedic surgeon in Deltona.  ACL reconstruction surgery will provide you with the knee stability that allows you to perform certain movements without pain or stiffness.  Once you are eligible for this surgery, there are a few steps you want to take to prepare yourself for ACL reconstruction surgery.

Check Your Medicines

Before you go in for surgery, you will want to discuss any medications you currently take with your surgeon.  They will be able to advise you on any conflicting medications that you may need to stop taking in preparation for your surgery and recovery.  In order to make sure your body is in the best condition for the procedure and speedy recovery, you want to be transparent about any medications or drugs you use on a routine basis.

Stay Active

One way to keep your body in optimal shape before you go in for surgery is to continue exercising.  When you keep the strength in your muscles, you can actually prepare your body to recover and heal quicker.  Also, continue stretching your knee and focusing on maintaining your existing range of motion.

Arrange a Ride

Typically, ACL reconstruction is an outpatient procedure, so you will also want to consider some of the logistical aspects of the day.  This includes arranging someone to drop you off and pick you up for the surgery.  Since anesthetic is used, you will not be able to drive yourself home post-surgery.  Talk to trusted family and friends to make sure they can come and get you.

Request Time Off Work

ACL reconstruction is a surgery that has a recovery period before you can resume all normal activities.  If you work at a job that requires movement and physical activity, you may not be able to return until the doctor clears you.  Be sure to discuss your recovery time with your orthopedic surgeon in Deltona, and then requires time off work so that you can recover and heal properly.  You will likely want to do this as soon as you find out you need surgery to prepare your employer for your absence.

Ask Questions

To best prepare yourself for any medical procedure, you should always ask questions to your surgeon.  Having a conversation about the procedure itself, your recovery, and your injury will only provide you with the information you need to understand the surgery and your need for it.  When you fully understand what to expect, you will go into the surgery feeling calm and confidence.  

These are a few of the steps you'll want to take to prepare yourself to have ACL reconstruction surgery.  If you have been experiencing the symptoms of a torn ACL, you will want to seek medical treatment from a quality orthopedic surgeon in Deltona.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with us today.