Five Foods that Provide the Proper Nutrition to Boost Joint Health

Five Foods that Provide the Proper Nutrition to Boost Joint Health

Five Foods that Provide the Proper Nutrition to Boost Joint Health

Do you suffer from joint pain associated with injury or arthritis?  When you have chronic joint pain, you may have difficulty with movement, which can hinder your ability to perform daily tasks.  Pain can actually cause you to avoid using your joints, and this can lead to injury when it comes time to get back to normal routine.  As an orthopedic surgeon in Deland, we see many patients that suffer from joint pain so severe they cannot perform basic functions.  Their mobility is compromised and they sometimes require surgery to make the necessary adjustments.  In order to put your body in the healthiest condition, there are a few things you can do to promote your joint health.  Adjusting your diet is a simple way to do this.  There are a few foods you can eat to provide proper nutrition that will stimulate your joint health.


Fish is one of the most common foods recommended to those that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.  Many fish, such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel, are high in omega 3-fatty acids.  These will help to eliminate joint stiffness, swelling, and overall pain related to movement.


You may have heard your childhood doctor lecture you about the benefits of drinking your milk to keep your bones healthy.  This rings true for both your bones and joints.  Dairy products, such as milk, eggs, and cheese, are rich in calcium and vitamin D, which can boost bone strength and density.  This can assist in combatting the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Dark Green Vegetables

Vegetables such as lettuce, kale, spinach, and collard greens have high levels of calcium.  Calcium is critical in building strong bones, as it is what will stimulate your bones to build and grow throughout your life.  This will ensure that your bones cannot easily break under stress, which can prevent injuries from trips, falls, or athletics.

Green Tea

Many people drink green tea as a way to gain some caffeine in the morning.  However, you may not know that green tea has many anti-inflammatory properties that can help to minimize joint swelling.  It also provides the body with antioxidants that can fight off foreign compounds that can damage your skin.  

Soy-Based Foods

Soy-based foods, such as edamame and tofu, are high in protein and fiber, but they are low in fat.  This makes for a healthy food that provides you with the right nutrients for your entire body.  Also, these have anti-inflammatory properties that will minimize joint pain and swelling.

By eating diets that rich in these foods, you will be able to boost your joint health.   This can prevent severe symptoms of issues related to osteoarthritis, athletic injuries, and other joint conditions.  As you age, your bones begin to thin, which can cause stiffness.  Avoid this by eating a diet rich in the right nutrients per the advice of your orthopedic surgeon in Deland.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you with your joint pain today.