Have You Had Enough Water Today?

Have You Had Enough Water Today?

Have You Had Enough Water Today?

Especially in the warmer summer months, it is easy to become dehydrated before you even realize it. Therefore, you need to set up a schedule to regularly drink water. While there are no hard rules about how much water you need to drink daily, most people do not drink enough water. Many parts of the human body are made up of at least 60 % water, so if you expect it to function correctly, you need to increase your water intake. Consider the many things that water helps your body do regularly.     

Lubricates Joints

If your workout seems a little harder than it used to, then check your water intake. The cartilage in your joints is made up of about 60 % water as are the discs in your spine. If you feel like your bones are rubbing against each other when you move, the first step you will want to take is to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary, like Florida Bone & Joint Institute. Then, start drinking more water.     

Delivers Oxygen

If you are finding it harder to breathe during a workout, then oxygen may not be getting to all your body parts effectively. Go ahead and sip on some cold water as it helps to make sure that oxygen gets to all parts of your body. The water moistens the oxygen making sure that your oxygen stats stay where they belong.     

Helps You Stay Cool

Summer temperatures can leave you feeling scorched. Avoid the dehydrated feeling by drinking water regularly if you plan on doing outside activities. Your body is more suspectable to heatstroke when you are dehydrated. When you get dry, you also notice the hot temperatures more as water helps regulate your body’s internal temperature. You may find your summer workout more difficult if you do not drink water because airways constrict to avoid moisture loss.     

Aids in Body Digestion

Water also helps your body digest food properly. When you fail to drink enough water, then you are more apt to experience stomach ulcers and heartburn. Water is essential to help nutrients get to the parts of the body where they do the most good. Your blood also needs the right amount of water to flow correctly. When you become dehydrated, your blood becomes thicker, which makes your heart and other body parts work harder to push the blood around the body.     

While you need to drink water regularly to keep your body functioning correctly, if that is not enough, however, make an appointment with Florida Bone & Joint Institute to get evaluated. Their competent doctors stand ready to assist you with your health care concerns. Contact this orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to set up an appointment today. You will not be disappointed in the level of care that you receive from these well-trained practitioners.